dir: Arlene Bogna
dp: Randy Paik
editor: Paul Hirsch
post: Chainsaw

colorist/vfx: Modern VideoFilm & Encore

produced by Women In Film (WIF)
exec prod
: Judith Parker Harris
prod: Erika Gardner
assoc prod: Claudia Zalokar

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  "Canvas so beautifully conveys the essence of A Window Between Worlds - how creative expression can bring healing and hope deep inside a wounded heart."

Cathy Salser
Executive Director
A Window Between Worlds

"We knew we had something very special from the very beginning of the production, starting with the picturesque storyboards to the wonderfully heartfelt story captured on film by Director Arlene Bogna. A Window Between Worlds PSA is truly a master piece that will serve many women and children to use art as a tool in their own recovery… a thousand kudos to Arlene for this beautiful creation!"

Roxanne Lane
PSA Production Program Coordinator
Women In Film



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